Saint Stats

View facts and figures, including statistical information and data, about the University of St. Francis in Joliet, Illinois. Information includes financial aid, student demographics, athletics, clubs & organizations, faculty, enrollment, technology, career success, alumni, scholarships, mission & faith, tuition & housing and more. You can view this information in the infographic below, review key stats in the expandable accordion beneath it, or download the complete brochure.

These stats reflect data from the previous, full academic year.


  • Total Enrollment: 3,185
  • Undergraduate:
    1,084 Full-time
    54 Part-time
  • Graduate/Doctoral: 1,879
  • Adult Undergraduate: 168

Student Body (traditional undergraduate students)

  • 65% Women | 35% Men
  • Race:
    47% White
    32% Hispanic/Latino
    10% African-American
    8% Other or Unknown
    4% Asian
  • 38% Catholic
    42% Other, Unknown or None
    31% Other Christian
  • Residence Status:
    25% of undergraduate students and 36% of first-year students live on campus

Campus Housing

  • Beds: 451 (Includes singles, doubles, suites, apartments in three residence halls.)


  • 83 full-time; 215 part-time faculty members
  • 75% of full-time faculty members have terminal degrees

Class Size

  • Average Class Size: 13.1 students

Tuition & Housing

  • Tuition & Mandatory Fees: $37,000
  • Adult Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral and Certificate Program Cost:
    From $420 to $799 per credit hour
  • Housing Fees for Double Occupancy, Including Full-Year Meal Plan:
    Marian Hall $11,980
    Tower Hall $11,160
    Motherhouse $12,160


  • Over 100 scholarships and grant opportunities.
  • Annual scholarships for first-year students up to full听tuition annually.
  • Transfer scholarships up to $13,000 annually.
  • Phi Theta Kappa scholarships up to $15,000 annually.
  • Over $60,000 was awarded to students through donor-funded scholarships.

Financial Aid

  • 98% of incoming freshmen received some听financial assistance.
  • $22 million total in 樱桃影视 scholarships and grants.
  • $21 million in student support from federal, state and other sources for freshmen & transfers.
  • Average gift assistance package for first-year students:
    $28,434 residents
    $24,209 commuters
  • Average transfer assistance package:
    $25,294 residents
    $19,393 commuters

Mission & Faith

  • Roman Catholic, guided by Franciscan charism.
  • Patron saints are Saints Francis and听Clare of Assisi.
  • University Ministry offers weekday and Sunday Masses, multi-faith prayer opportunities and activities, service experiences and retreats.
  • Peer Ministers & multicultural assistants engage fellow students with opportunities to build community and develop lives of faith and service.